Why Should You Install A Freestanding Bathtub?

In Missouri, bathroom designs are more versatile these days and offer more for homeowners. Instead of boring and traditional designs, new fixtures make it easier to be more innovative and unique. Homeowners choose freestanding tubs more often than traditional shower and bathtub combos. Contractors explain why homeowners should install these new tub designs.

Creating an Interesting Focal Point

Freestanding tubs are a great choice for creating a focal point inside the bathroom. Some homeowners install their tub at the center of the room and build other fixtures around it. The tubs don’t require encased shower walls and are standalone products. This makes it easier to create an intriguing design that centers around the tub.

A More Spacious and Airy Bathroom Design

The designs are freestanding which means that homeowners can make their bathroom look more spacious. They don’t have to install a complete shower with the bathtub and won’t create unwanted negative space. The overall room design is more spacious and airy. It isn’t cluttered or overwhelmed with a complete shower and bathtub combination.

Any Shape or Size

The freestanding tubs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. The preferred concept makes it easier for the homeowner to determine what tub works for them. Contractors can create a bathtub for any space without difficulties. Select designs are rectangular and built onto a platform in the center or back of the bathroom. Other designs are oval or round and placed near a window or glass wall.

Keeping the Bathroom Cleaner

The freestanding tubs are easier to clean than the traditional shower and bathtub combo. Homeowners can clean all the way around the bathtubs and underneath them. For homeowners who hate germs and want a cleaner living space, the freestanding bathtubs are an ideal solution for their cleaning woes.

In Missouri, bathrooms offer relaxation with the right design. New bathtub products offer more flexibility and make the spaces more functional. Instead of bland designs, homeowners can create a spa-like concept and enjoy their bathroom more. Freestanding tubs are versatile and give homeowners more use-value. Homeowners who want to learn more about Freestanding Bathtub contact a contractor right now.